Translated languages

I translate mostly from Japanese to Czech or from Japanese to English.

If necessary, I can provide also translations from Czech or English to Japanese, depending on the subject.

Translated types of documents

My area of speciality are mostly company documentation such as instruction manuals, drawings, norms, patents, guides, copies from the commercial register entries etc.

In addition, I have a lot of experience translating personal documents (certificates, medical reports, birth certificates), flyers and other advertising materials.

Used SW

I work with Microsoft Office applications, other SW please consult.


My in-depth experience with a wide scope of translated materials is likely to ensure the satisfaction of even the more demanding of customers. 

I am experienced in many technical fields (esp. in the automotive industry and glass manufacturing), and I have a long history of translating pharmaceutical patents, chemistry or medical texts.

I enjoy translations from humanities but these are quite rare.

I do not translate documents relating to the banking industry, expert law texts and texts with morally unsound contents and I am not a court interpreter.

Translation prices and calculations

When translating from Japanese to EN/CZ, the price calculation is based on quantity of the final (result) text as this is more transparent for the customer. Over the years, I have developed a good know-how for assessing the lenght of the resulting text, allowing for a precise estimate of the final cost.

When translating to Japanese, it is customary to calculate the price on basis of quantity of the original document.

A discount can be negotiated in case of a large translation.

I accept even very small amounts of text and I do not round the price up.

Price may be influenced by difficulty, legibility (quality of scanned text), number of tables, language level of the original document and so on.


Japanese > CZ 600-700 CZK/page 1 page = 1500 alphab. characters
Japanese > EN 600-800 CZK/page without spaces
CZ > Japanese 800-1000 CZK/page  
EN > Japanese 850-1000 CZK/page  
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